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'Conscious Family, Successful Children'

LMS Science and Art Center Founder Çelik said in his presentation on education that the education system in the Inglese remained attached to a private institute until the year 1870, and after that, it began to be controlled by the state administration. Özcan Çelik stated in his speech that 93% of the country's education system is from public schools and 7% is from private schools. A child to be qualified only to get high grades from the recording of the steel will not be enough, Steel, "at the same time to talk, self-expression and the structure should be integrated into society is very important," he said. "What the child wants most is the thing that makes him happy in the future," said Celik. The child can be a scavenger, it is not a bad thing that a child is a scavenger, it is a profession, someone is doing it in this country. So your child can be scavenger and his lessons can also be A *. The important thing is that your child has a qualified structure uğ Çelik said that families should know very well what they should give to their children and said:: We are a whole but we also have the freedom to make individual decisions ğ you need to give it to your child. Every family has some requirements. These needs must be functioning in order to ensure that the individuals within the family are healthy. If those who grow up in the family cannot meet these requirements, then they cannot develop their human potential. You are an indispensable part of the family, which integrates itself with your existence. When you don't, there will be a very important deficiency.

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